Silly Kitty...Soon To Be Wallpaper Kitty

Cayenne has developed a terrible new habit, one that has driven us to consider kitty wallpaper. Every morning at about 4:00, Cay will sit on the cedar chest and strum the blinds like a harp. The noise is horrid and would disrupt even the deepest of sleepers.

The point of her doing this? I sit up in bed and she runs for the hallway. Eventually, after doing it enough times, she "convinces" me to get up and feed her, let the girls outside and then go back to bed. Unfortunately, we get up early to exercise, so I can only get a few more minutes of sleep. Apparently I have conditioned her to think that "beckoning" me at O-dark:30 is acceptable.

So now we're in training mode for a cat - not the most appealing of propositions. After doing some research I have a handful of methods to try.

1. Strange sounds. Apparently a hiss or clicking will distract some cats enough to make them quit what they're doing.

2. Loud noises. A can full of coins or washers startles them while they're in the middle of the bad behavior.

3. Soft objects thrown in their general direction. Danny said Nerf gun...hmmm. The suggestion is a bean bag or little pillow, something that can be tossed near them but not at them.

4. Water gun. Since most cats hate to get wet, this infuriates them and sends them running. Not a bad idea unless the cat is sitting on your mother-in-law's cedar chest.

5. A can of air. Possibly our best choice. Cay hates the rush of air and the noise it makes. You poof a little bit near their back end and they'll scurry. I think this is the one we'll try first.

If you have any ideas that have worked for you and your cat in the past, please pass them on! We're all ears.


  1. Wish I could help but I've never owned a cat. I'm no good at training or reforming dogs, either, if Javier or his Beagle predecessors are any indication. *eye roll*

  2. The girls aren't the problem. They'll do exactly what you ask 99% of the time. (Unless Bailey's outside, and then I think her brain goes up the tree with the squirrels.) As a dog person, think kitty is SO hard to figure out!


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