Is There Such A Thing As A Healthy Sweet?

Apparently I was born with sugar running through my veins. My cravings are never for salty snacks or carbonated beverages. I want sweets!

However, we're in the middle of P90X again and to see the results I want, sugar has to be minimized. So what are the other choices? Do I have to forgo them altogether?

Of course not! We can all make healthy food choices and still get that little kick of sweets that keeps us going. Being food-conscious doesn't mean cutting out everything we enjoy, just eating in moderation. Try some of these snack ideas instead of running out for cookies and donuts.

* Fruit and dip
* Smoothies with lots of fruit and yogurt
* Fruit and nut trail mix
* Chocolate chip waffles and pancakes
* Frozen fruit bar
* English muffin with cream cheese and cinnamon/sugar sprinkling
* Baked apples with yogurt
* One piece of top-quality dark chocolate
* Yogurt parfaits with fruit and granola
* Rice pudding with fruit, cinnamon and sugar
* Make your own 100-calorie snack packs of your favorite treat

Don't deny yourself sweets if they're what your body is craving. Just remember portion control, make some wise choices about types and amounts, and enjoy as infrequently as your mind and body allow. You can have your cake and eat it too, just not all at once.


  1. I buy red grapes and freeze them. Each one is like a little tart-sweet popsicle! They've gotten me through some hard times. Then, other times, I get mad at myself for giving in to my prodigious sweet tooth. *sigh*


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