A Sweet Baby Clip-On

On Saturday we're having a baby shower for my dear friend Gail's daughter. Christi is her oldest child and this will be her first grandchild. So we're trying to make this an extra-special day, but not spend a ton of money. We found dollar store decorations and prizes, and some clever gifts and giveaways.

One of my favorite ideas were these clips to decorate the serving table. So easy and so adorable!

You'll need:
Computer clip art
Card stock
Glue dots or hot glue gun
Clothes pins

1. Find a great computer clip art design on your word processing program. Size it big so it can be seen easily on the table. Cut it out, leaving a small border around the edge.

2. If you want to, mat the cut-out with a coordinating color and decorate with some 3D embellishments. Be as creative as you want.

3. Using the glue dots or glue gun, attach a clothes pin to the back of each cut-out. Glue it far enough down the clip that it won't be wobbly or fall off.

4. Clip the piece to the edge of your serving bowls or anywhere else you can on your serving table, as place cards or on the gift table.


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