Peace - Part 2

There are many days when I feel a certain level of peace in my life. I'm in that comfortable groove that settles me and keeps me in close to the Lord's side.

Then something happens - something in the circumstances around me - and I'm knocked out of that safe groove. It might be sickness, a family emergency, sudden financial strain or an argument with a loved one. The cause doesn't matter because all I know is that the peace I was relying on has disappeared. Suddenly I'm anxious and stressed over all the little things.

Does this sound like a familiar situation in your own life? Peace is easy to sense when you're in the comfort zone of your usual life, but it seems to vanish during the trials and tribulations.

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. 1 Corinthians 14:33

We recognize the peace in our lives when we're settled and grounded, but as soon as the sand shifts it seems just out of reach. When we feel like a piece or two are missing, Paul reminds us that God offers everything that is calm and thoughtful. Centering your thoughts and hearts in the Lord is the only way to prevent the peaks and valleys that riding the roller coaster of circumstances brings.

The greatest illustration I have of this feeling of peace comes in the form of a waterfall picture Danny gave me several years ago. You can feel the tumult and the power in the falling water and almost hear the crashing on the rocks below. There is constant disruption in the waterfall, but the peace in the pool below is a striking contrast. Despite the disorder and chaos of the fall, there is peace at the bottom. The waters simply swirl and ripple as more water is added.

The circumstances and events of the day can jar my system and cause anxiety, but that's just me in the waterfall. The peace is always there, just waiting at the bottom of the cascade. It's always present, but we're often so caught up in the fast descent toward the bottom that we never see it.

Let us therefor follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another. Romans 14:19

If we focus on following after peace instead of lamenting over not feeling it, we'll be able to enjoy the trip down the waterfall and rejoice upon landing in the pool of peace. There are so many higher purposes and more important causes than the smaller matters that just cause strife and contention. God has a purpose and a calling for each one of us, but we'll never see it clearly through peaceful eyes unless we look beyond the day-to-day circumstances.

What's standing in your line of sight today? Is there somethings that's caused stress and tension, knocking you out of your comfortable groove?

Well then, praise God! Now you can see the pool of peace that's always waiting at the bottom of the waterfall. Keep your eyes on the Lord, deal with the everyday events as they happen and enjoy the peace that only faith can bring.


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