Fight The Devil - Spend Time With Your Husband

We learned last week about another Christian couple that has separated. The devil has been working overtime to destroy marriages and families, and I'm sure you can give your own examples. We're seeing this attack in neighborhoods and churches across the country, an attack that ruins lives and hurts everyone in its path.

While there are many different tactics the devil will use to poke and prod at couples. neglect can be one of the worst. We get so busy with work, children, house keeping and hobbies that our husband and marriage fall by the wayside.

If you're ready to fight the evils that hover around our marriages like vultures, get ready to spend some time with your husband in a number of different ways.

1. Get up ten minutes early. Use that time for one single reason - time alone with your husband. Talk to your husband, have a little breakfast together, do a devotion together or just see what he has planned for the day. By making those few early minutes together special, you can start the day off right.

2. Do something special. As soon as he leaves for work, do something unexpected for your husband. Send him an e-card or hide a card in his computer bag the night before so he'll find it when he gets to work. Do one of his chores around the house so he won't have to when he gets home. Get all the fixings for his favorite meal or dessert. Go out of your way to be in his thoughts, even if you're not there with him.

3. Make a phone call. Sometime during the day, call just to say hi. Don't talk about chores or the kids or what needs to happen when he comes home. Just tell him that you love him and you're praying for him today. If you've never done this before, he'll probably be so shocked that he'll think about you all day. If he's always been the one to call you, he'll appreciate you taking some initiative.

4. Have a lunch date. Get together once in a while in the middle of the day just to catch up. If you've got kids in school, this may be the best opportunity to have some alone time. Show genuine interest in your husband's day, his work schedule and his plans. Find a quiet spot in a special place and break up a normal day with some great fellowship.

5. Surprise him. Every once in a while send something to him at work - flowers or an edible arrangement that he can share with his co-workers (if he wants). Plan something out of the ordinary for dinner. Or surprise him at work, whisking him away for dinner on the town. It's about spending time together and getting out of the rut. (Just a guess that you might be in one.)

6. Give him undivided attention. Once you both get home, there are lots of distractions: television, kids, phone calls, computers and reading the mail. Instead of settling in to something of your own, spend the first part of your evening together - no matter what. Talk about your day, do some Bible study together or go for a walk. It doesn't matter what you do as long as you're not multitasking, but focusing on one another.

Some of these ideas may seem silly to you, or seem like an awful lot of work. Just remember that the devil doesn't care how much time and energy he has to put into destroying your marriage. He just wants to see you and your husband miserable. Don't be one of those couples that crumbles under the pressures of the world - fight for every moment of time with your husband that you can, building and strengthening your marriage.


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