In A Perfect Coupon World

Have you ever noticed that there isn't as much bang for your coupon buck as there used to be? It seems to me that lately coupons have been getting smaller in amount and few in products I actually use. So in a perfect coupon world:

* All coupons would be for the products I use and not solely for name brand and expensive products.

* Grocery stores would schedule their weekly sales in correlation with the coupons the manufacturers released.

* If a store brand price was less than the name brand price for the same product, you could use your manufacturer's coupon for the store brand product.

* Produce producers would give coupons for their MVP customers, since there are rarely coupons for fruits and vegetables.

* Your grocery store would send coupons and discounts on the items you purchase most, either mail or e-mail, just for your loyalty.

* The store should give you your coupon back after you've used it, then allow you to use it again later in the week.

* Other stores (besides grocery stores) would have coupons, and they would be proportionate to the goods and services they provide.

* Coupons would be perforated so you never have to cut out again.

* You should be given the opportunity to trade in old coupons for their cash value, if you spend it at that store.

* There would be no expiration date for coupons, especially when you have four of the same kind and don't need 12 boxes of cereal this week.

But no, this isn't the perfect coupon world. Until it becomes one, I guess we'll have to do it the old-fashioned way. Clip, plan, use and save.


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