Embossing Your Edges

One of my favorite techniques for creating a finished edge on paper craft projects is to emboss them. The process is like distressing, but you add the heat embossing powder for some extra shine.

You'll need:
Your paper project
Embossing ink (preferably tinted)
Embossing powder
Heat gun

1. Using one corner of the embossing ink pad, swipe the edges of your paper. Imagine that you're distressing the edge, but you're using light ink. The tinted embossing pads make this much easier.

2. Coat inked areas with embossing powder and tap off the excess.

3. Heat with tool until melted and shiny.

4. Repeat the process on all coordinating pieces.


  1. I love everything to do with rubber stamping. I especially love embossing. It's magical! You do beautiful work, Laura.

  2. I put another card with embossing on my etsy site today - so cool! I had gotten away from the fancier techniques, but now I'm hooked again.

  3. I've checked out your Etsy site and all I have to say is .... you're not asking enough for your gorgeous products! They're worth way more because they're so original and professionally done. I buy most of my cards at Dollar General now and that helps defray the expense, but your cards being homemade ... you should charge more! Just sayin' ... *wink*


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