Ways To Spend $20

When I was growing up I remember hearing the phrase "Mad Money." That was those few dollars of your own that you could spend any way you liked. As a child you weren't likely to save it, but find little trinkets, a handful of candy or a ride on the mechanical horse outside the grocery store.

But now that you're wearing big girls clothes, you probably have a little more access to cash but still don't really know what to spend it on. Here's a thought...use your "extra" money for special experiences, not things. Here are some examples.

Ways to spend $5:
* Take a friend out for a donut and coffee.
* Go to the dollar store and find some spa products
* Get two full meals from the value menu at your favorite restaurant with your husband.
* Find a couple of great new dog toys and head for the park.

Ways to spend $10:
* Jump-start your spring by buying a new bird feeder.
* Get all the ingredients to have "Ice Cream Sundae Night."
* Invest in a couples' devotional.
* Buy a gift card for someone's favorite store or restaurant, then give it to them anonymously.

Ways to spend $20:
* Join the friends group at your local library.
* Look for a favorite DVD and get some popcorn, then have an evening in.
* Have everyone pick their favorite pizza toppings, then spend the evening in the kitchen.
* Revamp something special in your home - new pillows on the couch, a new throw blanket or some new curtains.


  1. Let's go up to $50 and I'll visit the Chanel counter. *twinkle*


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