Winter Skin Therapy

Just when we figure out the perfect combination of facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers and cosmetics, it happens - the winter weather sets in. Then we have to contend with dry skin, chapping and peeling.

Colder temperatures make your skin much more sensitive and delicate. It's also likely more dry than normal. If this sounds like what you're dealing with this December, think about a few simple changes that can make a dramatic difference in the condition of your skin.

1. Think gentle. When it's cold outside, you need a more gentle cleanser and moisturizer. You may not need a toner at all, but if you do make sure it's a more gentle version.

2. Apply some lip balm. We've all felt the effects of dry, chapped lips in the cold wind. Make sure you use a lip balm or gloss with an SPF of 15 or higher and use it before and after you're outside. Prevention is much easier than healing.

3. Use a moisturizer with sunscreen. It may be cloudier and stormier than usual, but this is the perfect weather for damaging your skin. Use an SPF 15 or higher protection, preferably one built into your moisturizer.

4. Use a humidifier. Fight that dry indoor air by using a room-sized humidifier. Some even have a spot for liquid medication specifically designed for humidifiers and vaporizers. If you're sick as well as suffering from dry skin, this is a great fix.

5. Shorten and cool off your shower. Dry skin is increased by hot water. If you take a 10 minute shower in fairly warm (not hot) water and follow up with a great moisturizer, you can minimize the discomfort of dry skin.

6. Dress in layers. While we tend to bundle up when the temperatures drop, but this can make sry, itchy winter skin even worse. Dress in several layers that you can shed as you get warm. This will keep you from getting too sweaty and itchy.

7. Check in with your dermatologist. They are the greatest resource for winter skin therapy specifically for your skin type and issues. Take any questions or concerns you have about issues and products straight to the expert.


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