Fun Place Cards That Double As Gifts

While you're waiting for dinner to cook or watching one of those wonderful Christmas specials on television, put together some fun and creative place cards for your Christmas table.

You can use some pretty simple, around-the-house items and create something your guests can take home at the end of the meal (if they haven't already eaten them!).

Dress up a small votive candle holder with some ribbon, then fill it with candy, tiny ornaments or some decorative beads. The attach your name card to a straw or craft stick and tuck it in.

This easy tree decoration can double as a place card. Check out the post from December 2 for the instructions. Then write or print out a name to attach to the star.

Pine cones are a great winter theme - bake them at 200 degrees for 20 minutes before using. Once they're cooled off, embellish them with ribbon, glitter and a name card.

To make a sweet peppermint candy place card, cut an oval out of decorator paper and punch a hole in either end. String pretty ribbon or yarn through the holes.

Since they come in several sizes, you can use fancy paper clips to make name cards. Cover the black part in decorator paper, print out a name and decorate with stickers.

For a sweet little dessert (or an appetizer for some of us!), tuck your place card into a cupcake.

A great take-home treat is a candy bar with your guests' names on them. Wrap decorator paper around each bar, then spell out their name on it. Make sure you don't use candy with nuts in case any guests are allergic. Match the paper to the theme or colors of your party.


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