Trimming Your Napkin With a Tree

Apparently I am in a napkin frame of mind lately. I couldn't resist sharing the adorable Christmas napkin tree with you. It's a great little craft for kids or you can make it more elegant for an adult party. Tailor it for your personal tastes.

You will need:
2 colors of construction paper
Double stick tape or glue dots
Regular tape
Glitter or gel pens
Paper napkins
Water glass

1. Using the mouth of the water glass, draw a circle on one piece of construction paper. If you have white napkins, use green paper. If you have green napkins you can use white or red paper.

2. Cut out the circle. The start cutting a 1/2" spiral around the edge of the circle, working your way in. Leave a small circle in the middle.

3. Cut two stars out of the other color of paper using a template for a guide. (I used one of my scrapbooking templates.) Decorate with glitter or a gel pen.

4. Glue the stars back-to-back on the little circle you left in the middle of the spiral.

5. Roll your napkin into a cone and secure with a small piece of tape. Set it over the top of the water glass and thread the spiral onto it.

6. With the napkin standing upright like a tree, you can write names on the star to use for place cards or alternate colors and patterns around the table.


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