The Best Home Gadgets Ever!

Now I'm not usually one to rave about gidgets and gadgets and new stuff that comes out. However, there are a few products available right now that have changed how I clean my home and I just have to share them with you.

I don't have any ties to any of these companies or their products, but they really and truly work so hopefully you'll love them, too.

* The Pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair: This is possibly the most wonderful invention since sliced bread. When you have two black dogs and a partially white cat, the hair shows up no matter what color furniture you have. The hand-held sweeper is simply two rollers housed in a plastic cover. They rotate back and forth, gathering loose hair and trapping it inside the cover. When it's full, you throw it out and get a new one. You never have to touch the hair, try to peel it off anything or gather it by hand. Plus it works on many kinds of fabrics, except for vinyl and leather. And since it's portable you can take it out to the car as well! This one gets an A+!

* The Tide to go pen: This instant stain remover comes in a travel size for those times when you can't just throw your soiled clothes in the washer. We passed one of these all around the Fellowship Building during a church dinner recently. It will get out lots of different fresh food and drink stains - we used it for spaghetti sauce and it worked great. It is not designed for grease blood or ink, but think BBQ sauce, ketchup and grape juice. So many stains, so little time! A for sure!

* The Bounce dryer bar: One nagging annoyance for me is dryer sheets. They get stuck in everything so they end up not doing their job. The solution is this dryer bar, which sticks inside your dryer. The same fabric softener from the sheets is in a bar that rubs off as the clothes pass over it. Depending on which one you get they last from 2 months to 4 months - just stick it up inside your dryer and forget about it. The word "replace" will be revealed when the bar wears away. It makes our clothes smell wonderful - and I don't have to think about when to change it! That in itself gets an A+!

* Pledge Multi Surface cleaner: I ran across this simply by accident one day. The store I went to didn't have my regular dust stuff, so I got this instead. It's a little more expensive, but that's because it not only dusts, but it cleans wood, glass, mirrors and several other kinds of surfaces. It's anti-static, too, which is great this time of year. And you only have to carry one bottle in your basket around the house instead of a dust spray, window cleaner and smudge remover. It's streak free and leaves no residue of any kind. (I know this for a fact: the first week I used this a bird flew into our front door because it couldn't see the glass. Sad ending, but it proved that the cleaner works!) Definitely an A!

There are many, many other great products I could mention, but the point is that there are useful items out there that make keeping our homes a little easier and more enjoyable. Give some of them a try and help make your house a little sweeter to come home to.


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