All We Want For Christmas

Bailey: Hey, is this how you work this thing?

Sadie: How did you get a picture on here?

Bailey: Like we haven't watched Mommy do it a hundred times...

Sadie: Do you think she'll mind that we took over her computer for the day?

Bailey: Nah...she's scrapbooking. She'll never even know we were here.

Sadie: Did you watch her putting up Christmas decorations today?

Bailey: Yeah, but none of it was edible. I lost interest after about a minute.

Sadie: I can't wait until she starts putting our presents out.

Bailey: Oooh...I forgot about presents! Remember a couple of years ago when we both got new beds?

Sadie: They smell like trees on the inside. I think she called them cedar or something. Plus she can take the covers off and wash them so they don't smell like us anymore!

Bailey: Best present ever.

Sadie: But last Christmas we got stockings full of rawhide treats!

Bailey: Oh, that's right. I guess I ate them so quickly I forgot about them.

Sadie: And since there are two of us they got two of everything.

Bailey: Best present ever.

Sadie: Have you snooped yet to see what we're getting this year?

Bailey: Me? Snoop? Never.

Sadie: Seriously?

Bailey: No. But I've heard talk of homemade doggie treats.

Sadie: Mommy's awesome in the kitchen! I bet they'll taste like the brisket they didn't share at Thanksgiving.

Bailey: I'm drooling already! But then there was mention of new collars and tags.

Sadie: As long as they're not those floofy, silly party collars that make us look ridiculous. I'm so not into wearing any kind of clothing.

Bailey: Not even a Santa hat? No...I heard the words leather and classy. I distinctly remember my ears perking up then.

Sadie: Whew. Got me scared there for a second...I was having visions of having to wear a red dress with all sorts of white trim and bows. (shiver)

Bailey: Do you have warm fuzzy feelings toward rawhide boxes filled with even more rawhide? You have to eat your way in to get the little ones out!

Sadie: We've had those before! Awesome! Have you seen them in the house yet?

Bailey: Sadly, no. But Mommy said there's three more weeks to wait, so there's still time.

Sadie: Do you think they might replace our squeaky toys? I think there's a hole in mine...and you tore the squeaker out of yours.

Bailey: I was just curious. And they might find new ones, like maybe a duck to go with Mr. Squirrel.

Sadie: And balls??? Maybe a whole bag full of balls??? I love balls!!!

Bailey: Yes...we know. Not my thing, but they might spring for some just for you.

Sadie: And as if hiding them in the closet on the top shelf makes it a surprise! I just follow my nose. Don't they know we can smell stuff a mile away?

Bailey: Speaking of which, I think I smell dog food!

Sadie: I hear it hitting the bowl! Time to shut 'er down!

Bailey: Do you think Mommy will like the blog we wrote?

Sadie: I think she'll be amazed that we did this without opposable thumbs!

Bailey: I'll bet everyone who reads it will rush out to find great gifts for their dog, too.

Sadie: But not the cat. Cats don't need Christmas presents. Save your money and buy more dog toys!

Bailey: Nice plug.

Sadie: Thank you...Cayenne doesn't read this does she?

Bailey: Who ever knows what the cat's doing? Let's go have dinner.

Sadie: Okey-dokey! You're welcome Mommy! Love you!


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