Where Is Your Money Going?

In the midst of a time filled with spending, charging and more spending, I'm going to ask you to sit down for just a few minutes and take a look at your finances.

What??? During the week before Christmas???

There is no better time to examine where your money is going every month than right before the new year begins. When you're ready to fill in the amounts listed below, gather up all the bills you'll need and make sure your husband sits down with you. You shouldn't do it without him and it will give you both insight into your home's finances.

Grab a calculator and figure out your monthly payments for the following:

Mortgage/rent _____
Auto loans _____
Personal loan _____
Credit card debt _____
Estimated taxes _____
Utilities _____
Food _____
Home repairs _____
Automobile expenses _____
Auto insurance _____
Homeowners/renters insurance _____
Medical insurance _____
Entertainment _____
Restaurants _____
Travel _____
Clothing _____
Hobbies _____
Gifts _____
Child care _____
Education _____
Misc expenses _____

Surprised? Sometimes it takes seeing your money in black and white to understand your money in red and black. Are there areas that you're spending more in than you thought? Are there places you can cut back on your spending so you'll have extra money elsewhere?

Pray about your spending for the upcoming year. Use these figures to set up a budget, and then stick to it. This isn't a New Year's resolution, but a way of being a good steward of what God has blessed you with.


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