Carefully Plan Your Planner

What kind of calendar do you use? Is it a wall calendar for everybody to write on? Do you carry a planner in your pocketbook? Maybe you have a tiny calendar on the table or a scratch piece of paper does the trick.

Whatever you've chosen, it's about to run out. In less than two weeks 2009 will be over and you'll need a new planner. Would you like to try something different this year and be more organized, more efficient and less frazzled? Here are some characteristics of a great calendar system.

1. Versatility - Look for a planner that has day, week, month and year views. You don't have to write a certain event on every single one of them, but having them all handy can help you see into the future, so to speak. You can keep any long-range plans in writing and still see what you have to do this afternoon.

2. Portability - It doesn't do you much good to have a huge desk calendar filled with everything you need to do this week, but it's so huge that you can't carry it with you. Decide what works best for you: pocket-sized to tuck in your purse, a notebook that fits in your wallet or a planner with handles that can function as your pocketbook. There are too many choices out there to not have it with you.

3. Adaptability - Can you change out the 2010 pages for 2011 pages and keep the cover? Would you like to have just the calendar and not the address book? Look for something that suits exactly what you need. Having lots of ways to personalize your information is the mark of a great planner.

4. Functionality - I really like having the year-at-a-glance pages in my planner, but I rarely use them. You may not need the day broken down into hours or the address book in the back. There are lots of planners that allow you to mix-and-match parts to create just the right combination of pages and uses. Find a calendar that fits your personality, your daily needs and your style.

5. Multiple capabilities - Calendar, address book, calculator, pockets, pen holder, birthday list...if you're carrying around all of these items separately, you need to find a new planner. Imagine how much more organized life would be if you had one place to keep all these things and be able to take it with you wherever you go. Yes, you can multitask and be organized at the same time.

Armed with some great ideas, head to the store and start exploring your planning options. And don't settle - you'll have this calendar for a whole year, so you want it to be functional, stylish and absolutely fabulous. Then you won't have any excuses!


  1. Laura,

    I sure enjoyed your Sunday School lesson today! Found your card in the basket of goodies you gave me this morning, and thought I'd check out your site. If you get a chance, you may want to look at mine, too -

    BTW, I am addicted to planners - thanks for the post.



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