Creating A 2009 Time Capsule

We may never meet exactly this way again.

There are people close to us who were alive this time last year, but are no longer living. There are new babies, new spouses and new friends who weren't with us a year ago. We have no idea what faces will surround us when 2010 is over, and but for the grace of God we may not be here ourselves.

So let's put together a family time capsule, something that will show exactly who we are today and who and what we love. It's often hard to put into words what's important to you, but we all have pictures and mementos that can be sealed away for the future.

For your capsule itself you'll need a box, coffee can, cookie tin or other container that won't get crushed (just in case you forget where you store it). You can decorate it like I did here, or just write the date, year, and when you'd like it to be opened on the top.

Decorating the time capsule can be a great kids' project! Give them the supplies and let their creativity run wild.

Then decide what means the most to you and tuck it away in your capsule. Here are some ideas:

* Current family photo
* Front page of the newspaper
* Current issue of TV Guide
* Grocery store receipt with the current prices
* Pictures of places in town you enjoy
* Note cards with each family member's personal feelings, memories and prayers for the future
* Tape or CD of your favorite songs
* Children's drawings and writings
* Calendar with year's milestones
* Menus from favorite restaurants
* Your favorite Bible verses
* New recipes you discovered this year
* Road maps of significant trips you took
* Sampling of this year's birthday, get well, Christmas and Valentine cards
* Ticket stubs from movies, museums and plays you've attended this year

Don't include anything of monetary value, just sentimental and perhaps historical value. Seal it up and tuck it away somewhere in the house. You can either decided on a time to open it or open it as a family someday down the road when you stumble across it again.


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