Putting Your Pocketbook In Order

You may have a lot resting on your shoulders, but it should be responsibilities, not in your purse. As we head into the New Year, now is the perfect time to purge, fix and organize your pocketbook. You'll lighten your load and probably find some things you forgot you had!

* Empty it out. I have several pocketbooks in a basket in our closet. Every time I switch purses I clean everything out, discard the trash, sort the receipts and put all my loose change in a jar. There's no reason to carry around (or store) extra stuff.

* Fix a travel bag. I also have a little bag that goes from purse to purse. It contains all those essentials like a lint roller (we do have two dogs and a cat), a Tide-to-Go pen, brush, feminine products and some mints. This bag is all fixed up so I can pull it out of yesterday's pocketbook and put it into today's. It's a quick, easy way to keep things together and keep them organized.

* Process all your papers. Do you hate carrying around 27 receipts, a handful of lists plus the paperwork for the errands you're running? Instead, carry a small accordion folder that you can easily file everything away in. This will keep your papers neat and prevent them from getting crumpled, plus you'll know exactly where to look to find the ones you need.

* Utilize pockets. You've got them, flaunt them! The quickest way to organize your purse is to make use of every little space it was designed with. Figure out what works best and where, and then always return that particular item to that spot. This will make the larger areas more organized and you'll save tons of space.

* Don't try to carry it all. There is a limit to what your back and shoulders can handle, so don't try to carry everything you own in your pocketbook. The essentials like your wallet, a calendar, coupon organizer and a small amount of make up are fine. Year-old receipts, old candy and broken pencils are not.


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