Christmas Planning the Frugal Way

Can you believe the first week of December is almost over? There are many things that we would like to have in our homes, give as gifts and serve at our tables this Christmas season, so save some money by doing your shopping at the dollar store. You can feasibly find most anything you need for entertaining, gifts and more all in one stop and for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. Check out what I found in one trip this weekend:

Gift Wrapping:
* Wrapping paper
* Gift tags
* Scissors
* Tissue paper
* Tape
* Bows
* Gift bags
* Plain and decorated boxes
* Gift card holders
* Christmas cards
* Mailing supplies

* Stockings
* Santa hat
* Table top decorations
* Ornaments
* Garland
* Extension cord
* Craft supplies

* Table cloth
* Napkins
* Plates
* Glasses
* Silverware
* Place mats
* Towels
* Zipper baggies
* Roast pans
* Kitchen gadgets

* Socks
* Pencils and erasers
* Candy
* Toys
* Candle
* Picture frame
* Calendar
* Pens, crayons and markers
* Scrapbook supplies
* Notepads and stationary
* DVDs
* Personal radio
* Cell phone case
* Cosmetic bag
* Bath and beauty
* Clear containers

Children's Activities:
* Sun catchers
* Paint sets
* Puzzles and puzzle books
* Coloring books and crayons

Before you head elsewhere for more expensive holiday supplies, head to the dollar store and stock up there first. Then you can adjust your December budget and plan some special shopping with your new-found money.


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