My "Sushi Is My Favorite" Planner Layout

If I could eat just one thing every day for the rest of my life, the answer will always be sushi. Always. It's my fave. So when I saw these 3D stickers at the craft store, I could picture this layout immediately. This is a much better scenario than staring at a blank planner spread, wondering what I could possibly do to fill this space.

After several spreads that seemed, to me anyway, very similar, I wanted to do something completely different, interesting and out of my comfort zone. If there's one thing I hate, it's monotonous repetition, so I arranged the largest images first from corner to corner, then filled it in with thee smaller ones and a few stars and arrows from my sticker stash.

My week is going to be filled with board meetings and lots of writing, so my planner will remind me of the fun stuff while I work. I'm sure it will also make me hungry, so I'm also sure I'll be picking up a couple of rolls sometime this week. What thing do you absolutely love that you can fill your planner with this week?


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