My "May" And "Grow In Grace And Knowledge Of The Lord" Planner Layouts

It has been a while since I posted, and it's been a while since I used my planner the way I intended. With the exception of Easter weekend, April is mostly a blur. That's why I wanted a fresh start for the month of May. There's something about the April showers turning into May flowers that stills my mind.

To create the monthly spread, I combined clear floral stickers from three different sets in a random pattern over both pages. With flowers, there's no such thing as a mismatched garden, which makes being creative even more fun.

If you have monthly pages in your planner, start with your largest images first, then fill in the white space with increasingly smaller stickers. And the more colors, the better!

As I begin this new week, I want to refocus on my faith. My relationship with God needs to be stronger than anything else in my life, and I hate that it isn't always. My plan for my planner this week is to have it be a tool for growing and learning and drawing close to my Lord.

The journal blocks and prayer request lists are just a few simple ways that I can reconnect with God. I have to look at these pages every day for seven days, so I'm going to fill them with Scripture, reminders and spaces to write and grow and keep track of what He's doing in my life.

For these pages, I clustered torn washi tape, circle journal blocks and accent stickers. There's nothing more boring than a single sticker on a plain piece of paper, so layer it up and combine some colors, patterns or techniques to make a one-of-a-kind layout. What can you do that's new in your planner this week?


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