Do You See God In Everything?

Yesterday it turned out that I had a Sunday School room full of elementary school-aged kids instead of teenagers. I love both age groups, but it meant that I had to gear my lesson to a younger crowd. That's the fun of Sunday mornings!

So I filled a bag with a whole bunch of ... stuff. It was literally just random things I found around the house. With the youth group, I was going to have them choose an item and explain how they could use that to share their faith with someone who is not a believer. Then they'd share a Scripture that they knew supported their explanation.

With our younger class, we had to choose an item from the bag without looking. Then they had to explain what that thing tells us about God, Jesus or the Bible. I thought it would probably be a challenge, but I praise God for parents who teach their children about spiritual things at home!

The very first item pulled was a mind-bending wood puzzle that can only be put back together one way. The girl who chose it immediately said that we don't always understand what God is telling us, but we can people and look in the Bible for the answers. The instruction sheet was in the package, and she said that's like the Bible, right there with the puzzle.

Ok, so I was blown away. That was nowhere close to the suggestion I was going to make. Hers was better.

The next girl pulled out the monkey and literally yelled "Noah and the ark!" Another one chimed in with "God created monkeys!" Soon we were in a deep discussion about when the animals were created and how they ended up on the ark. Four young girls and I covered the theology of the first nine chapters of the Bible in approximately three minutes. I never would have believed it if I hadn't been there.

The bear with the "I love you" T-shirt reminded them of John 3:16 and how God loves us so much.
Empty glass jar was like the empty tomb on Resurrection Sunday.
With the pencil and the notepad, you can write God a note and stick it to your wall so He'll see it.
The light bulb makes the darkness go away, like Jesus makes evil go away.
Basketball is a game, and we like to win games, but at the Bible Jesus wins everything.

I honestly can't tell you how much my heart was blessed listening to these four girls talk about their faith. They see things differently than we adults do, often in a much more pure and eye-opening way. My prayer for each of us this week is that we'll see every situation of our life with child-like faith. Jesus Himself told us that this a faith we can all have.


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