Books On My Table At The End Of May

With my own book collection to choose from, recommendations from friends and the city's biggest book sale of the year all at the same time, I'm actually kind of shocked that I'm only reading six books at once right now. In my own defense, I'm really enjoying all of them.

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen. A fellow book lover suggested this one because I'm taking a growing interest in history. With quotes from over a dozen school history textbooks and actual historical texts about each time period in American history, it's a fascinating book about what our classes taught us, or didn't teach us. Very interesting.

Feast Without Fear by Gin Stephens. I started intermittent fasting a few weeks ago, on a friend's recommendation of this book and the one before it, Delay, Don't Deny. Adjustable to each individual's body makeup and reactions to certain foods, these two books have taught me about the 5-hour eating window and the One Meal A Day lifestyle. It's already retraining my body to not crave a lot of food and my hormones and insulin to regulate more evenly.

Where Are They Buried? How Did They Die? By Tod Benoit. The author actually travelled to 625 pages worth of cemeteries and other final resting places of famous and infamous people. Not only is it fascinating to learn about these lives and deaths, I am mesmerized by his descriptions of how to navigate the cemeteries and find individual burial plots. Makes me want to go cemetery walking again.

Joy at Work by Marie Kongo and Scott Sonenshein. My entire life is in need of tidying up, so I started with the smallest part - my office. I'm there for a third of my day, and it's so important now that I'm the director to be as organized and efficient as I can be. These step-by-step instructions were exactly what I needed to get my workspace under control. Now on to the next area!

Worship, The Christian's Highest Occupation by A.P. Gibbs. I will have to admit that this has been in my book stack for a few months. I can only read it in small doses because it is written in 1950s English and is so full of information that I can't digest it very quickly. But it is also a thorough study into a word and a practice that the Bible talks about but doesn't definitively define. Gibbs compiles the Scriptures that loosely describe worship and explains how these are our examples for living a life of constant worship.

Leadership Promises for Every Day by John C. Maxwell. I picked this book up at a book sale a few years ago, not knowing that it would be appropriate right now. This devotional is filled with Scripture about becoming wiser, living a life devoted to the Lord and practical applications of these leadership skills in your everyday work life. There's no part of our lives that the Bible doesn't talk about and give us the most amazing examples to follow.

What's been on your book table this month?


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