My "Plethora Of Flowers" Planner Layout

Are you like me and ready to see gardens filled with flowers, but you have no intention of planting them and taking care of them yourself? I know I'm not alone - I have a black thumb, so me trying to grow something is a death sentence for those plants. Instead, I fill my planner with them!

To make the cluster on the left, I layered white-rimmed flower stickers, letting the first row hang off the edge of the page. Then I worked in, moving them to the middle to create the half circle. All that's left is trimming off the hanging-over stickers to make the straight edge.

Those trimmed-off stickers were perfect for scattering around both pages, lining up the straight edges around and about. A few words, banner journaling blocks and some beautiful butterflies pull it all together and create a garden of my very own, work free! How can you add flowers to your planner pages this week?


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