My "Goodbye May, Hello June" Planner Layouts

So, somehow or another, May has disappeared and June is right around the corner. The first day of summer seemed incredibly far away just a few weeks ago, especially when it snowed on Easter Sunday. But now we're enjoying days full of sunshine and gorgeous, warm days.

I wanted to transfer that feeling of joy and sunshine on my month of June planner spread. These are the pages where I plan and organize my blog post ideas and daily devotions. Recently these pages haven't been very full because I've let my writing fall by the wayside. With God's help, though, I want to step it up and return to what makes me happy.

There are several books in my planner sticker collection that are strictly seasonal. Some go month-by-month and some by the time of year. So when I do the monthly spreads, I pull all those books out and start combining all the sweet little words and images into a confetti across the pages. I need a little space to write, so I can't use anything too big or too tiny - sort of like Goldilocks.

One of the things I've been able to get back to at work is photography. I've always loved taking pictures, and then has been a big part of each job I've ever had. But when you're the boss, some of those creative moments get replaced by budgets, answering emails and overseeing projects. But no more putting aside the creative stuff that feeds my soul. Not anymore.

Instead, my focus is going to be in the right places - on my Lord, my husband, my home, my family and my church family. That click-shoot-love die cut blesses my heart, as God has really laid on my heart that love never fails, it never gives up and it never Ives in. Every time I hang that camera around my neck, I can remember that love is all you need.

My prayer this week is that my focus is on seeking God, fixing my eyes on Him and keeping Him as the focal point of everything I do, from home to work to being out in the community. If I take care of my heart and let the Holy Spirit lead me wherever He wants, I'll have accomplished everything I need to.


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