Even Professional Photographers Have Their Moments

 There are some moments when it is easy to be a professional photographer. The subject, the light, the shadows, the colors all come together for an image that is new and different and perfect.

Eggs are absolutely fascinating - the color and shape and differences in each one. I love the way the edges of the nest are beautifully blurred while the eggs stand out against the dark grasses.

But for every one beautiful, creative photo a professional photographer takes, there are dozens on their camera roll that should be hidden from the public eye. Forever.

I think it's so special that this bird built her nest on the security light. There's a whole Sunday school lesson there, but not when it's accompanied by a crazy-blurry picture of a bird.

Trying to get pictures up and over the nest when it's all the way up there is tricky, but totally doable. It's all about stretching, balance and not trying to take a picture while holding four dog leashes in one hand. 

Like this. I wasn't going for this angle, or showing off my coat and Parker's leash. Although that pop of color is really pretty. 

And somehow she lost an egg. I was totally surprised when I took this picture blind, holding it up again the eave of the roof, and only had four eggs. I looked around and couldn't find it anywhere, so I have to wonder what happened.

So, in conclusion, some photos will make you smile because they're beautiful and original and unique. Others will make you grin in embarrassment because they're just silly. Save the photos that make you do a little of both.


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