My "Wake Up And Shine" Planner Layout

This motivational planner spread is incredibly special to me already, and it's not even Monday yet! Last week I interviewed for and was offered the job of executive director for our convention and visitors bureau, and I couldn't be more excited! My first full week as director may mean I need some encouragement from my planner.

Each journal block of this layout has alternating washi tape that coordinates with the inspirational stickers I chose. All from the same sticker book, the flowers and phrases all go together in a beautiful, neutral palette. I love how elegant they are and how pretty they are without loud colors or bright images.

We all need encouragement and motivation at times during our week, and our planner is just one place we can put Scripture, quotes, our favorite flowers or just a color or pattern that we love. What ways can you encourage yourself - and others - in your planner, your work space, your home, at church this week? Let's get creative and lift each other up!


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