Here's Exactly How To Make 2022 A Great Year

How many lists have you read recently saying you need to do X,Y, Z and you'll have the best year ever? Drink this, don't eat that, sleep during these times and enjoy all of this, but not too much. Or too little. Maybe.

It seems like everyone has the secrets to a great life all figured out, like they've tapped into the secret of the ancients. There must be some magic formula to follow and then get ready to reap all the blessings and benefits you can handle. Right? Maybe? Possibly?

Here's the problem - we are all very unique and different people. What works for you in this week may not work next week, let alone work for someone else. There's no secret or formula or list or promises that fit everyone. Or anyone for that matter. There are no shortcuts, no patterns, no perfect plan that will give you a great year. Or month, week or day.

So after you delete those crazy emails and social media posts promising you the moon, turn in your Bible to Ecclesiastes 12.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Ecclesiastes 12:13

Putting this verse in context, Solomon had spent his entire life doing and building and buying and planting and experiencing. What he decided, after being the richest, most powerful, most influential man in the world, was that it was all vanity. It was all empty. Unsatisfactory. Until he came down to his final assessment of the situation.

The only things that made sense and filled that emptiness in his life were fearing God and keeping His commandments. 

That's it. No big, long list that won't work for everybody and won't work over a period of time. No secret formula. No perfect way to make a great day, a great year or a great life. Except this: have a reverential awe for God and do what He tells you to do.

What? That's it? Solomon says that's it, and if the richest, most powerful, most influencing man in the world says that's it, then we should probably listen. If God put that sentence in His word, then we should probably listen.

So here's exactly how to make 2022 a great year: let's encourage each other to fear God and keep His commandments. If we're so tuned in to what He wants for our lives - which we through through close, personal fellowship with Him - God will make this year His definition of a great year. And that sounds like the best year ever.


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