My "Limited Edition" Planner Layout

Did you know that you're a limited edition? I know I am. There is only one of me in the whole, wide world, which may very possibly be a good thing... I usually apply the term "limited edition" to books, though, so that's the theme of my planner pages this week.

The Happy Planner's Bookish sticker book has all these amazing images, banners and journal blocks, and they're already color coordinated - yay! Less thinking for me! One of my goals for the year is to read more books, so this spread is wildly appropriate. And sometimes it's the small details, like the tiny banners hanging on every day's borders, that make the biggest difference.

I have several major events and opportunities happening this week, so I covet your prayers. I can't wait to document their answers on this week's planner pages. Maybe that sleeping puppy on Friday's block will even wake up long enough to rejoice in God's goodness with me. Have a wonderful week, my friends. I'm praying for you, too!


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