My "February Love" And "First The Coffee, Then The Things" Planner Layouts

So. I turned the page in my planner this week and it said February at the top. I flipped back for a minute, then turned it again, and it still said February. I'mm not exactly sure how that happened, but it's right there in black and white. And red. And pink. And a little bit of purple.


I've determined in my heart to make this month all about love: God's love, love for my husband and my family, love for the church, Jesus' love being so deep that He willingly laid His life down for me. My study verses will be 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and the surrounding passages. I want to become love, just like Jesus was.

Love isn't a feeling or an emotion. Love throughout the Bible is a verb, an action word. Paul wrote that you can have everything in the world, but if you're not acting with love as your motivation, you have nothing. I want to weave love through everything I do and say this month, lifting others up and sharing the truth about the Lord, who loves them even more than I can.

I did something completely and totally different and out of my comfort zone for the first planner spread of February. I fell in love with the sticker in the upper left corner, which says "First the coffee, then the things." No coffee, no anything else, right? If that's not true on every level, I don't know what is.

I used the colors in that sticker to choose this beautiful watercolor washi tape, which I used to cover all thee black lines on the spread. It took the whole rest of the roll to do it, so I guess I had better enjoy it!

The two powerful ladies matched the colors perfectly, so I turned this into a Getting Stuff Done kind of week. There is a lot to do and the same number of hours in it as any other week, so I've covered the pages with words of encouragement, reminders to keep going and work to the best of y ability - at home and at the office. What are you doing in your planner this week that will motivate to work as unto the Lord?


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