An Upcycled CD Zoo Album Ready To Fill

Several months ago (oh my goodness, it's probably been more than a year by now!) I covered half a dozen CDs with zoo-themed paper. Apparently I had planned to make a zoo album because I found those CDs in a project bag with some stickers, the rest of the zoo paper and a book ring. I know, I'm pretty quick in the realization department.

Since my theme for the year 2022 is "No Project Left Undone," I scooped up this bag of goodies, put the pages together and added some of my own designed journal blocks, and I had the makings of a pretty awesome zoo album for Stuff From Trees!

Here's the first part of my findings: these gorgeous patterned paper scraps, the covered CDs and some extra CDs. I put the new ones away for the moment and kept the partially started ones.

To mix things up a little, I cut 5-inch squares out of white card stock to alternate pages with the CDs. 

I'm so glad I had all that paper left because I used it to cover both sides of each square. Now I have 11 total pages - six circles and five squares.

The pages alternate between circles and squares. The squares all have a 2.5x3.5-inch journal block on them, which I designed in my word processing program and print off as I need it.

All of the pages in both shapes have a hand-cut, patterned-paper tag with twine and a variety of zoo animal and name stickers. I have three zoo animals left, and I'm trying to come up with something creative for them, too!

I'm so excited about the way this album turned out.  All that's missing are the photos from your most recent zoo trip and the stories behind each one. It's perfect for a gift as well, either filled with pictures for them, or empty so they can have a fun family project. It's available for sale now through Stuff From Trees - message me for the details!


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