Throwback Thursday: Stamps And A Card I Had Forgotten About

I was asked to make two cards. No big deal, right? Well, the twist was I had made a card like this ... maybe 15 years ago! After seeing the original, I figured out what stamps I used and remade this very simple, very pretty pair of cards.

My first concern was finding those stamps. I used three stamps - the phrase, the music notes and the rose. It took some digging in my tub-o-stamps, but I eventually found them. I had a Plan B with some other stamps I came across, but I didn’t like them nearly as much.

To start, I covered a 4.5x6.25-inch card with red card stock. Then I cut three 1.75-inch squares and a torn strip for each card out of white card stock.

The rose is designed perfectly for double-inking. With clear stamps, you can stamp two separate pieces and line them up quite easily. But with wood stamps, you have to careful apply the ink so it will look all natural and pretty. Small ink pads are great for this, too, since you can get in smaller places, like the stem of this flower. Plus, any time I can stamp once, it’s a good thing.

So the stamped image comes out in two shades of beautiful! I have to be super careful and make sure the entire image gets pressed against the paper, though, or it won’t be a crisp, clear image.

So three stamps from three different sets come together in a creative, pretty design.

All the pieces came together, and I just needed to trim it up and adhere everything down. The finished product was two cards that looked just like the original, perhaps even prettier! Now that I remember how to do it, I can also turn the layout into a more modern card with different stamps and papers. The possibilities are endless! And all from one throwback card.


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