A Great Reminder For Feeding The 5,000

I absolutely adore the book of John. It’s filled with so many stories of Jesus Christ, His miracles and His interactions with people. Last Sunday our teens talked about Jesus feeding the 5,000 men (plus their families) and still having 12 basket of fragments - enough for each disciple to have a full meal once they finished serving.

So for our morning snack, I made goodie bags with Swedish fish and package of crackers. They immediately got the connection between their treats and the fish sandwiches Jesus made for the people. The disciples were concerned that they would have to spend their entire purse on food, and Philip came right out and said as much to Jesus. Imagine having seen three miracles first-hand and still doubting He could do something as simple as feeding a few thousand people. But don’t we have those same doubts all the time?

Andrew brought the barley loaves and the small fish to Jesus and watched as the fourth miracle took place. Jesus blessed the broken bread, giving thanks to God for its provision, and it was passed around the crowd. This is one of the verses we use as our example for saying grace before a meal - bless this food to our use and us to Your service, Lord. The people also saw the miracle, and this time we’re told more people believed in Jesus as Christ because they saw it with their own eyes. Just like Jesus wanted to fill their bellies and change their hearts, these tiny, simple snacks do the same for our teens. Our desire is to fill their stomachs, fill their minds and fill their hearts with love for the Lord, in just those few hours we’re given with them each week.


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