How I Use Weekly Planner Spreads To Record The Little Things


There are three different sets of pages in my planner - the months, weeks and days. On the monthly pages I keep track of my blog posts, and on the daily pages, I have my daily to-do lists and places to journal about my spiritual life. And in between, there are weekly pages like the one pictured here.

When I decorate the weekly spreads, I pick a theme for the week and just have fun with it. Since it’s been in the upper 80s and humid for several days, I picked a tropical pineapple motif. The large pineapples are foam, so they’re beautiful and 3-dimensional. I also tend to use whole sheets of embellishments, so they always coordinate.

Once they’re done, I use the weekly pages for my meal plan, chores around the house and errands that I need to run when I’m in town. Even with my plethora of adorableness on the page, there is still plenty of room to write and record. Then I mark the day I’m on with a tassel clip so I can turn right to it. So I have fun and functionality combined for a while week! What’s happening in your planner today?


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