Using Stickers And Ink To Create Reverse Titles

Believe it or not, I’ve picked out my planner for 2021. Before you roll your eyes, I can explain. 1. I’m already excited about a new year coming, and I’m sure you can understand that. 2. I love new projects, and this is definitely a long-term project. 3. It’s paper, and I can’t say no to paper. 4. It’s a blank, empty book, and that’s hard to resist, too. For all these reasons, I’m putting together the January section exactly the way I want it.

To start, I cut a piece of white card stock to the same size as my planner pages. Then I arranged the letter stickers in a cascade down the page.

Using a really stiff paint brush (because I can’t find my handy dandy stipple brushes anywhere - insert eye roll here), I stippled gold ink over each letter creating a halo around the stickers.

Then, when you peel them away, they leave a perfect white letter in a cascade of gold ink.

The effect looks like a cloud of loveliness around the title.

To complete the look, I stippled around the edges, too. I love the way the frame looks and connects to the January. And it came out exactly the way I pictured it in my head. Added bonus!

Before adding this very first page to my planner, I matted it on black card stock and added a few circles punched from gold metallic paper. What a great way to start a new year ... three and a half months early.


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