Stuff From Trees Pens Keep On Turnin’!

One of my favorite parts of watching Danny turn a pen is the finishing process. Here’s his description of what happens in the final stages of making that beautiful Stuff From Trees pen you love:

After turning a pen, there is a process to get to the finished product; sanding and polishing, whether working with wood or acrylics.  Granted there is patience needed during the turning stage, it is this stage that requires even more patience to ensure the desired finish.

Once polished, the pen is ready for assembly.

Here are the finished pens. 

Before polish, I sand the pen using varied grits of sandpaper, from coarse to fine grit. Then I use sanding pads with even finer grits to get the surface as smooth as possible before applying polish. Here you can see me using a paper shop towel to apply several coats of polish.

And here are Danny’s beautiful pens on display. The purple acrylic shines like crystal, and the teacher pen has black ink on one end and red on the other. There are all kinds of creative and amazing pens coming out of the Stuff From Trees workshop these days!


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