Our Date Night At The Antique Airfield

When you’re married to a funeral director, you learn to make the most of every moment you have together. There are no set hours and many nights of being on call, but it is so worth it to know he’s helping families in their time need. So when there’s a great event being held on a night Danny’s not on call, we’ll be there! That’s what happened last night when we were gifted with tickets to the Antique Aiplane Association’s Invitational Fly-In.

My plane-loving husband was able to see antique aircraft from 100 years ago up close and personal. We stood right next to the runway and see, hear and smell every takeoff and landing. And by runway, I mean a long strip of grass. The airfield is set up like it would have been in the 1930s, so it’s like stepping back in time on several levels.

Since we went out to the airfield after work, the sun was beginning to drop on the far side of the runway. This made for some gorgeous, back-lit pictures of these already-beautiful planes. The Antique Airplane Association hosts this members-only invitational every Labor Day Weekend, and this year was the Antique Airfield’s 50th anniversary, making it extra special.

 Nothing makes me happier than being with my husband doing something we love. Being so close to the planes as they were doing fly-bys of the crowd probably the best part of the night. That, people-watching and listening to the pilots around us tell some pretty great stories.

One of the highlights of the airfield is the Air Power Museum, filled with the history of aviation rescued for future generations. This nonprofit organization does everything they can to gather, preserve and display the stories of aircraft, pilots and squadrons who served in our military. The result is an amazing museum that both informs and fascinates visitors.

Date night is always fun, but this fly-in was so special. We had a great time, took lots of pictures and can still hear the roar of the engines as those antique aircraft roared to life. Time will tell if our next date night plan tops this one.


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