End-Of-Summer Treats Your Dog Will Love

If you want your puppies to love you even more than they already do, make these treats. Now is the perfect time because it’s still hot during the day - take them outside like we did and they’ll be gone before you know it.

Seriously, these are the easiest treats ever. Fill each cup of a mini muffin tin with chicken broth and float a tiny dog treat in each one. Then pop the tin into the freezer overnight. When you’re ready to treat your puppies, just leave the muffin tin in the sink for a few minutes to loosen them from the edges. 

We took ours out on the deck to enjoy. At first Parker was a little suspicious and just licked it in my hand. The other three ... not so well-mannered. But after sampling the first frozen treat, all four puppies were taking them whole and chomping down on them. And when Diesel discovered he could get them out of the pan by himself, he didn’t want my help anymore. What do you think your dogs will do for these frozen goodies?


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