On My Bookshelf At The Beginning Of September

When I set about cleaning up the dining room table, where I do my Bible study and prayer time every day, I shocked myself a little. In addition to my prayer journal, my praise journal, my journal-journal and two Bibles, I found seven books that I have been reading all at once. And I wonder why my brain is a little full at times...

My excuse is that they all cover wonderful topics, subjects that I feel I need to know more about. That about sums it up, right? Narrowing it down made me cringe because that would be like telling those other books they’re not good enough to be read right now. Yes, I understand that’s odd, but you don’t know my relationship with books.

So here are the four books from my shelf I’ve been reading most in-depthly recently:

Awaken by Priscilla Shirer: A devotional that dives into Scripture, going beyond the surface knowledge and looking for its wisdom. Every day for 90 days, she writes about a personal experience that spoke to her, sharing the nuggets God gave her in those moments. There are journal pages at the end of each reading with a writing prompt that makes you stop and think for a few moments.

Walk Your Way to Better by Joyce Shulman: This is the book that goes with the app and Facebook group I belong to, encouraging women to intentionally walk 99 times, changing your health, your mind and your outlook on life. I have reached my walking goals three months in a row because of this lovely woman and her desire to help others get out of their sedentary lifestyles and get moving!

It’s Not Your Business by Gary Miller: I have started this book several times, but this time I’m getting much more out of it than before. We’re doing some exciting things at Stuff From Trees this month, and we’re determined to put God first in everything we do. It answers many questions about how God feels about wealth, success, business and giving by laying out Scripture in clear, plain terms. That eternal perspective is what we all need these days.

The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life by Charles Spurgeon: I saved my favorite book for last. When I realized that my prayer life hasn’t been as intimate as it has been, this book practically jumped off the shelf at me. Spurgeon has this special way of getting down to the basics and reminding us that we are commanded to pray ... and why! 

What is on your bookshelf this month?


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