Preparing For A Trip To The V-E-T

Three of our four dogs had to go to the vet yesterday - two for vaccine updates and claw clips, and one for some wound care from a tussle the other morning. Everyone is fine, thank goodness, but it was an exhausting trip. I loaded all four puppies into the little red car, which is a miracle in itself, and headed into town. 

Knowing I would be wrestling four big dogs into and out of my tiny car, I had all the questions and concerns and information I needed the vet to know written out on a piece of paper. The paper was a little messy and mangled by the time she got to read it, but she said it helped. I didn’t want to take all four in at once or leave some in the car while I took others inside, so they came to the car and took them in one at a time. That meant having information ready for the vet would save us all time and headaches.

I also had all four leashes with me and treats in my pocket before I put them in the car. They had a special blanket that goes across the back seat when we’re ready to go somewhere, so they knew immediately that it was time for a ROAD TRIP! I just didn’t tell them it was to the V-E-T. While we were in the parking lot waiting for test results, they acted like they’ve never seen the outside world before. They barked at absolutely everything that moved (and a tree that wasn’t moving) and climbed all over the car to see what was happening.

This blurry picture tells the story. They didn’t stop moving the entire time, so they were ready for naps when we got home. Someday, when the little red car gives out, we’ll get a Great Dane-sized vehicle that will hold everybody. But for the moment, we create memorable trips to the vet. And with a little planning ahead and creative thinking, everyone gets to the vet’s office, through the exam and back to the car with little to no problem. Now I just have to figure out how to keep them from introducing themselves to every single dog going in and out of the office!


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