My “First Day Of Fall” Planner Layout

It’s finally here! This week is the first day of fall, and I’m so excited! Fall means sweaters, scarves, apple cider, fluffy blankets and bonfires. It also means several new projects at work, special youth group events and some exciting news from Stuff From Trees. Stayed tuned for that one.

So my planner this week has pumpkins and leaves, two of my favorites, in all the strategic locations. I have many, many requests in my prayer list right now, so there is plenty of space of my left hand page for all of them ... maybe. I always use stickers or washi tape to cover the titles printed in my planner because I never use them for those specific reasons, so this time I used coordinating images to make it easy to create my own titles. We have a freezer full of Butcher Box meat right now, so that meal planning space will get filled in quickly.

The quote on the top of my right and page always makes me smile - because I just want to be fall-y! The leaves around our property are really beginning to turn colors, so this page matches them perfectly. Our Bible study lesson this week is on the fruit of the Spirit, so we’ll be talking about how we harvest crops and what we do with them after the harvest. Doesn’t that sound like the best autumn Bible study? And I always leave some good-sized white space to make work notes. It’s going to be another good, busy week - Happy Fall, Y’all!


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