Turn Your Pile Of Fall Supplies Into Decor In One Afternoon

It’s officially fall, my favorite time of the year! Not only does it mean pulling out my sweaters and drinking hot apple cider, but it also means unearthing my boxes of autumn decorations. I never do the same project twice, even if it’s something I really loved, so at the end of the season I tear it all down and pack it away. Plus, I add a few new pieces that will make everything seem new again.

This year all my fall pieces filled the entire dining room table, something that completely took me by surprise. These are my favorite colors and textures - I just didn’t realize I had collected so much. Seeing it spread out all in one place made turning all these bits into three beautiful autumn pieces.

This year I chose three different containers: a flat serving plate, a low basket a tall basket. From there, it was just a matter of combining leaf garlands, fabric flowers and all those great odds and ends into full, beautiful centerpieces.

 If you haven’t already decorated for fall, I encourage you to do something different and creative this year. Pull out everything autumn-related you have and give it some really intense scrutiny. Then decorate and create to your heart’s content. And anything that doesn’t have a home or you’re not totally in love with it - donate it or to someone else. Then what you’ll have is autumn decor that you truly enjoy!


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