How To Throw A Fabulous Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Party

Last night was our Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party, and everyone had a great time. We filled more than 200 boxes with school supplies, hygiene products and lots of fun treats for children of all ages.

Our assistant pastor's wife Louanne set up the room in such a smart way. Each row of tables had the items for a different age group and gender. Then the pieces every box would have - the school supplies and hygiene items - were lined up along the back wall. This made organizing and filling our boxes so easy!

What especially touched me was having the opportunity to include a note inside each box. I loved being able to tell a child in a foreign country, who I may never meet, that God loves them so much and they are being prayed for. The boxes were then stacked in the pews so we can pray over them again on Sunday morning.

In addition to packing boxes, our evening also included supper and a birthday party. We were so excited to get to packing boxes, and it was such a good evening of fellowship. We were able to fill our bellies, fill our boxes and fill our hearts. And that's the best combination ever.

If you have the opportunity to fill OCC shoeboxes this year, do it. It will change your heart while changing lives around the world.


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