Do You Have The Right Tools?

One of the electric company's power lines runs right across our property, right up the ridge and out the back. Recently we found out that one of the support poles had rotted and needed to be replaced. Before long they had all their trucks and equipment along the driveway, taking down the old pole and putting up new metal ones.

It was amazing to see everything they needed to make this one switch. There were trucks, a cherry picker, trucks with buckets, vehicles full of men in reflective clothing. And all of the tools! We heard chainsaws, watched them move live wires and kept the dogs from breaking through the window to get a better look.

We are so glad they brought all the vehicles and tools they needed in the beginning. They were able to work safely and efficiently because they had what they needed when they needed it. At least it seemed that way, at least from my view at the dining room window.

Do you have the right tools for the jobs you have this coming week? The tools to make your house a home? To take care of your family? To be a great coworker? To be a blessing to your church family? I pray that you'll be ready for the week ahead by gathering up all the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual tools you'll need to work efficiently and productively.


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