Volcano Of Chocolate Birthday Cake

If I had to choose between baking and decorating, I would choose decorating every time. I love to bake, but I'm not a big fan of numbers and measuring and time. My creativity can come out when I'm decorating, and that makes me happy.

Friday night at our OCC shoebox packing party, we celebrated Danny's birthday, too. I didn't need any Pinterest boards or glossy magazine pictures to get the inspiration for this one - just Danny's sweet tooth!

I bought two cakes at the grocery store, one large chocolate and one small lemon. I asked the bakery ladies to stack them and give me a happy birthday phrase. I knew they wouldn't have room to write it on the cake because of my ultimate plan for the decorations.

Once I got the cake to the church, I used miniature chocolates all over as if they'd been blown out of a volcano. The randomness looked amazing, and the visual effect made my blood sugar go through the roof!

Danny was thrilled with his birthday cake, and he even shared it with his friends. It was so much fun to make. Now I have to start thinking about next year, I suppose. Yay!


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