Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner Pizza

Did you get your fill of Thanksgiving dinner favorites yesterday? Is the refrigerator full of leftovers that you just couldn't eat one more bite of? Would you like to try something besides sandwiches and casseroles to use up that amazing food?

Then have fun and make it into a pizza!

We used mini pizza crusts for ours, one each for dark turkey, white turkey and ham. You can use each and every kind of meat you had for Thanksgiving as a pizza topping.

So now what do you use in addition to meat? Everything but the kitchen sink. For the pizzas pictured here, I started with a little bit of butter on the crust, then added a layer of warmed mashed potatoes. Heat them for a couple of minutes in the microwave and stir in a little milk if they're dry.

Then I layered on chunks of cheese, banana peppers and meat. You can also use stuffing, gravy and a little cranberry sauce - we just didn't have any left!

Bake the pizzas following the directions on the crust package. Cut them immediately and enjoy! They're even more fun to eat than they are to put together.


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