He Has Made Us Fishers Of Men

Imagine the normal, everyday scene as Jesus was walking along the seashore. He came alongside two brothers, fishermen by trade, who were casting their nets into the water. Shortly He met two additional brothers who had stopped fishing for the day and were preparing their nets for tomorrow.

All was comfortably ordinary until Jesus passed by.

There was clearly something different about Jesus Christ if just 11 words - one compound sentence - caused them to immediately change their lives forever.

Jesus used parables and comparisons to explain heavenly concepts to simple people. He knew these professional fishermen would understand better if He used familiar terms, so He came down to their level to lift them up to His.

When a person gets saved, God could choose to take them straight to heaven, but that isn't the case. For most of us, we will be left here on earth for years and decades to come. This is part of God's perfect design because He has a special purpose for us in that time.

We are called to follow Him (salvation) and be fishers of men (soul winners). The reason in and purpose of our lives is to be telling as many people as we can about the saving sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We throw the nets of the gospel into the waters of the world, they choose to accept the Lord as Savior and He takes care of the rest.

Peter, Andrew, James and John were never the same after that call from Jesus, and neither are we. Now let's get our nets ready and go out fishing.


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