DIY Presentation Folder

For Danny's birthday last week, I adopted a tiger at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines in his name. The packet they sent included a certificate of adoption, a picture of one of the tigers, tickets to go feed some of the zoo animal and an adoptive parent decal. But you can't just give someone a pile of papers held together with a paper clip! Well, I can't anyway. That's why I made this presentation folder.

The size of the matted certificate gave me the dimensions for the folder. I cut two pieces of cardboard slightly larger than that frame.

Then I adhered three pieces of ribbon to act as the hinge and covered both sides of the cardboard with decorator paper.

Using the 8.5x11-inch letters, I made a pocket for the side opposite the certificate. I folded one edge of the decorator paper over...

...then the other two sides and adhered them down to form the pocket. I did the same thing with the small pocket to hold the tickets.

And then my favorite part - the cover! I raided my stash of zoo-themed goodies and used the zoo's theme for the title. I thought it turned out amazing, and Danny loved the whole thing. If you need a one-of-a-kind presentation folder for something special, this is the project for you!


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