Having Scripture Handy And In Your Heart

If you follow the Reading Through The Bible In A Year on the lefthand side of this page, you'll get to journal about this question this week: Do you have Scripture securely in your brain so you can bring it to mind as you need it?

Hopefully the question will get you thinking about reading and memorizing Scripture. We often think we'll be able to look up what we need when we need it, but that's not always the case.

Read the following scenarios and decide what Scripture you would share and what Scripture you would need to keep in your own mind as you help them and pray for them:

* A friend calls to tell you her mother has passed away. She now has to travel, interact with uncooperative family and plan a funeral.

* An elderly woman in the checkout line in front of you is clearly struggling. She's having a difficult time understanding the clerk's questions and getting her bill paid.

* One of your church members has a serious illness come out of nowhere. She has very little family here and has to fight this on her own.

* A neighbor has been curious about your faith and your church, but she is reluctant to get involved in "religion."

* You realize that a friend is having financial trouble, and she doesn't know how to start fixing it.

* A mother is dealing with a wayward child, and the battle is wearing her down.

I pray today that as we face a thousand different stories in the world around us, that we will have spent time in God's word. The more time we spend reading and studying, the more verses will come to mind when we need them. The Holy Spirit is amazing to give us the words we need when we need them - this is how we can minister to people who desperately need Him.


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