Create A New Thanksgiving Outfit From Your Own Closet

My original intent for a Thanksgiving outfit post was to head to the thrift store and put together something amazing. Then my heart got convicted and I headed to my own closet instead.

What I found was a treasure trove of options I hadn't thought of before. Many of them, like this warm sweater, can be worn with skirts as pictured or with jeans and khakis.

Denim doesn't have to be blue. Try your tops with black, red or other colors.

Patterned skirts can be worn with a variety of tops - sweaters, houses or blazers, to name a few. Solid colors on top are dressed up with bold jewelry.

Or do the opposite and put the pattern on the top. Keep the same jewelry and you'll have a whole new outfit.

Khaki skirts or pants are the perfect match for a denim shirt or jacket. Dress it up with a fall-themed scarf tied in small knots.

In a different version of the same outfit, a velvet khaki skirt is paired with a blue textured jacket and white blouse. An eternity scarf covers plain collars on both pieces.

Any of these can be paired with boots, flats or comfy shoes. Take off the scarves and jackets while you're working in the kitchen and during the meal, and make sure you wear an apron over your dressier clothes.


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