We Love A Good Puppy Pajama Party!

While friends of ours were out of town over Thanksgiving, we added their dog to our pack for a few days. Any fan of the Marvel Universe will know exactly where Stark got his name.

Stark fits in so well with our dogs. Having another boy evens up the odds a little. He adores Molly, and he tolerates the puppies until they invade his personal bubble. A lot of us feel that way...

He also had a couple of firsts while staying on the property. He saw deer and turkeys and, judging by the amount of time he spent looking out the window, he was fascinated. It's the little things that make me smile.

We love it when Stark gets to play with us, and we hope he enjoyed his time here as much as we did. Next time, we'll share more treats and more belly rubs!


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